Our Rich History

Whilst it’s hard to comprehend, there has been an establishment on this site, where people, horses and carriages can stay the night, since 1593. In those days it’s more likely to have been simply a stable with space for people to lay their head down. Over time it’s developed into an inn or, in our case, “Post Coach & Chaise to Lett” which roughly translates as a place to stop with Coaches and Chaise (a smaller people only carriage) and finally a hotel.
With such a heritage comes responsibility, and so when the hotel was renovated in 2005 by former owners Richard & Nikki Cooper, they were mindful of it’s history. In bringing the hotel into what it is today. You’ll not find too much glitz, they were more in favour of keeping the soul of the building, retaining it’s integrity and making it function as it always has and that we now continue to do. A wonderful place to stop and stay, albeit without your horse. Your carriage can park in our car park at the rear.